Friday, July 25, 2014

clam digging

it's a family event. pull on your big girl, let's get dirty, you mean business bog boots. jump into your car and head to wolfe's neck woods state park in freeport, maine where every month a guide takes a group of steamer lovers out to the mud flats to have a go at clamming.  it's back breaking, but you get a thigh burning workout and you have the taste of sweet soft shelled clams dipped in butter at the end of the night. family bonding with mud as the common denominator.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

i like

love, love, love everything about husband and wife designers stephen alesch and robin standefer's (roman and williams) laid back summer home. photo by mikkel vang for martha stewart living.
heather chontos. black and blue IV - work on paper.
went to the portland public library today and at the checkout they have copies of poems for your pockets. charming indeed.
heidi swanson's pineapple coconut water recipe for hot summer days.
elephant ceramics studio tour photographed by erin little.
rory found this moth and i couldn't get over nature's beauty. i wish i had a rug inspired by that pattern.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


lovely and inspirational design books to salivate over this summer.

red, white and blue

today is the first day of this summer where i am not responsible for two other human beings. the girls started camp this week which leaves me to indulge in a morning walk, blogging time, and maybe even a nap. say it isn't so!

above are some photos from our fourth of july celebration at my parent's house. i have to make that coconut cake with lemon curd and strawberries and cream again soon. it is gluten free and oh so heavenly. i bought trader joe's lemon curd in the jar instead of making my own to save time. what's your favorite summertime treat?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

gilsland farm audubon center

we lucked out on saturday. we headed to the gilsland farm audubon center in falmouth, maine to hike around and check out the flowers and we were happily surprised to run into june lacombe’s sculpture exhibit, SCULPTURE at maine audubon: a celebration of art and nature.  the show includes 82 sculptures by new england artists and above are some photos we took from our visit. in my eyes, there is nothing better than the combo of art and nature. well, maybe one thing that is better; a book sale.

Monday, June 30, 2014

back to basics

here are some of the things we have to up to the last two months (i really need to get on instagram):
calm water.
k making peace with her blueberry muffin.

hike at mackworth island. josh doesn't look at all relaxed, does he?
hike to the top of bradbury mountain. it's not that far;less than a mile or else rory would have been riding piggy back style and we would have needed an extra large backpack with all the hiking paraphernalia to get us to the top because our family gets hangry almost every hour. we do not travel lightly.
kite flying at popham beach. it took us longer than you would think to get it up.
i spy a sand dollar.
r drawing.
blueberry pie from two fat cat's bakery. a little slice (or should i say 1/4 of the pie) of heaven. and john derian goodness at k collette in portland.
the portland head light. the oldest lighthouse in maine.
josh's birthday gift to me. and 38th birthday buzz.

celebration dinner and pretty painting at my parents house.

father's day breakfast at drift inn beach.
it's lupine season in maine. i always think of the children's book, 'miss rumphius' when i see them.
rory found this injured butterfly.
mating horseshoe crabs. k corrected me and said "no mama; they're dating."
sandy point beach. had dinner al fresco with our friends. we all smelled like bug spray.
it's book sale season in maine. bumchuckawawawa. my dirty little habit.