Friday, January 24, 2014

more shelving from ikea

moving from a small apartment in newport, rhode island to this house in maine we were really lacking in the shelving department. if we found a natural artifact or piece of art from our travels in rhode island it usually got tucked away in the attic where it was forgotten about for three years. it was like christmas morning during the move when we started to unpack and unearth the small objects that have a story and hold a special place in our hearts.
i searched the internet, pinterest, garage sales, and antique stores for a large shelving unit to display these smalls. enter ikea. black metal storage that has glass shelves for under $100 and is reminiscent of french industrial. ummm, yes. i'll take it. no one had to talk me into these vittsjo shelves.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

books contained

from piles of chaos when we moved in...

to this:                   
i priced an elfa storage system for this wall and it was ten times the price as the ikea algot shelving system. so guess what my bargain hunting, cost cutting, always up for a deal self did? i went with the ikea shelving and it was just what we wanted for the space.

Monday, January 6, 2014

northeast living

homebound = the snow day art zone.

christmas eve

there was something very magical about our first christmas eve in the state of maine. in my parent's humble barn is where we gathered. the fire. the company. the raw elements of exposed wood and beams. and the hope.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

watercolor holiday cards

children's artwork holds a very special place in my heart so i put the girls to work with making our holiday cards this year. i bought some blick liquid watercolor paints in metallic copper, antique gold, red, and fluorescent red and had them go to town on some blank cards from michaels. i then printed out matte photos of the girls and taped them to the front of the card. and then we put them in pretty vellum envelopes from jo-ann's so the artwork was exposed through. done and done.

scenes from christmas 2013

happy new year. cheers to this being the best year yet!

hope you all had a lovely holiday. the kiddies are still on winter vacation. r lost her first tooth, we celebrated our first christmas in maine, and we broke the christmas sickness curse (see here and here). we traveled over the river and through the woods to my parent's house on the mid-coast of maine where the spirit of the season was in full swing. here are some scenes from our holiday.