Friday, January 24, 2014

more shelving from ikea

moving from a small apartment in newport, rhode island to this house in maine we were really lacking in the shelving department. if we found a natural artifact or piece of art from our travels in rhode island it usually got tucked away in the attic where it was forgotten about for three years. it was like christmas morning during the move when we started to unpack and unearth the small objects that have a story and hold a special place in our hearts.
i searched the internet, pinterest, garage sales, and antique stores for a large shelving unit to display these smalls. enter ikea. black metal storage that has glass shelves for under $100 and is reminiscent of french industrial. ummm, yes. i'll take it. no one had to talk me into these vittsjo shelves.


  1. oh my loveliness! what a beautiful curation. i love everything about it, especially that thick gold necklace piece. amazing work. xo