Monday, May 11, 2009


yum, yum!! sweet is now open in harvard square. visited with the girls and my friend maggie last week and we enjoyed some delicious cupcakes. tried the chocolate coconut one and LOVED it! their boxes + ribbon are adorable. great little birthday treat for a friend.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


look what's at costco! i just picked up a case of the fizzy izze. clementine, pomegrante, and blackberry were in the mix. refreshing and festive. they are my fav drink these days.

shoe candy

via scout-holiday blog. there's nothing like a new pair of shoes to get me excited about the sunny, spring weather. the ladies at marais usa in new york city have a new affordable line of eye popping sandals and shoes worthy of any mom's feet. forget the reese's peanut butter cups and j.p. licks oreo ice cream, i'm craving some red peep-toe wedge heels with ankle straps. let's face it, i love shoes!

catch up

hey lovelies! my twin girls have been occupying my time the last couple of months. eating solid food, laughing at each other when we leave the room, teething, traveling to ohio for easter, virginia to visit family, taking stroller walks with friends, meeting other twins at our friday play group, rolling over, screeching, sleeping more at night, sucking on their toes, pivoting their bodies around when doing tummy time, attending a kentucky derby party, day trip to newburyport, and cheering the cleveland cavaliers on in the finals are some of the things they have been up to. they are definitely worth all the dark circles and gray hairs. so much work, but so much fun. the way they smile and look you in the eyes when you go into their room in the morning makes it all worth it. and their giggles and cries make your heart burst wide open. they definitely have me wrapped around their little fingers.

i find that as soon as i master a certain stage as a momma, they change and are on to something new. i guess it's the evolution of motherhood. learn something new and stick it in my back pocket for future use. they keep me on my toes. oh yeah, and i have been suffering from momnesia. don't ask me when they ate last-i have short term memory loss. i have to refer to their feeding journal, which i highly recommend to any mom of twins.

have barely had time to shave my legs the past month. looks like no shorts for molly this summer. just happy i can get a 5 minute shower in every other day. organization and a schedule has kept me sane during the first months of their lives. lack of sleep and pumping breast milk has made me feel more loopy than my college days at miami u.

so looking forward to keeping this blog as a creative outlet because i certainly am not doing many creative things these days. unless you call interpretative dancing to get the girls to laugh creative.

my husband created this grid of pictures above using photoshop. it includes recent pictures of the girls. their grandma's are getting an enlarged framed print for mother's day.