Thursday, September 30, 2010

julianne moore's digs

i watched the nate berkus show yesterday and i was quickly reminded how much i love julianne moore's remodeled townhouse in the west village. i had seen her house featured in many other design blogs years ago, but wanted to take a look again. remodelista had done a post about her place here. made llc did the genius design work and thibault jeanson was the photographer from the march 2006 issue of world of interiors. you can check more of made llc's work out here.

having studied zoology as an undergrad, i really love the national geographic and science feel in her place. paired with vintage and modern lines you really get a feel for the type a family that lives there; cool, centered, cultured, and well traveled. i prefer decorating in black and white, but i love the feel the color blue creates in the living room and kitchen (will have to make a mental note!). my favorite part is the exposed beams in the kitchen. and the large sculpture outside looks like an andy goldsworthy installation.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

lamps by sarah foote

love the organic shapes of these lamps by sarah foote. what a statement in a, which one would you pick; spaghetti, seaweed, or hydrangea? found via sweet paul magazine (fall 2010).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

emily henderson

so i did not watch hgtv's design star this year, but from the looks of emily henderson's portfolio (the winner!)-i should have. after checking out her boho-chic designing; i fell in love. she gets it and i hate to say, but no other designer on hgtv brings it like she does. she has a show called 'secrets from a stylist' which i watched here. on this episode she styles the home of glee's co-creator ian brennan. i would definitely watch it if you like her styling below. love her personality. she says on her website, "i believe strongly that there is always a time and place for fresh flowers; and that nothing is more important than simply being nice to every person, everyday." you can check out her blog, 'the brass petal', here. was happy to see her show was picked up for 26 more episodes. check her awesomeness out!

all photos from here.

Monday, September 27, 2010

playgrounds + pumpkins

scenes from the weekend. we had fun picking pumpkins at escobar's highland farm in middletown, ri. the girls got the drift and picked them up and carried them to the wagon. and some shots from the playground with the girls. they are fearless on the equipment. they definitely did not get that from me.


love the beautiful photographs of these colorful glass bottles. i saw these photos in the martha stewart living august issue and then saw them again at the seesaw blog here. the photographer is johnny miller and you can see more of his work here.

simple home

my mother-in-law just gave me this book entitled, "simple home: calm spaces for comfortable living", by mark and sally bailey. i'm usually too tired to even crack open a book before i fall asleep, but this book has such a soothing and streamline aesthetic that my dreams have been filled with organized rooms, white painted floors and a housekeeper that doesn't let me raise a finger. i only wish! this book inspired me to weed through the girls' toys and books this weekend. we cleared out about half of these things and are storing them in the attic and then will switch them out in a couple weeks so they feel like they have an entire new set. so far my mind is less cluttered and there is much less clean up. less is more.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

adacky withdrawal

no tv. no internet. just a big ol' lake in the adirondack mountains + the comradery of family and friends. this past weekend the girlies, josh, my bro + his girlfriend briana (who i love!!) , my parents, josh's parents and our favorite friends (chris + gay) headed to blue mountain lake in the adirondacks and stayed at the hedges. it's like a camp for adults. we ate, we drank, we laughed and we paddled kayaks and canoes until our arms were ready to fall off. each time we head there i remind myself how refreshing it is to be immersed in nature during the fall. i'm still thinking about the silvery white birch trees, gigantic waffles with real syrup, and watching the girls' faces when they saw their first real life fox from the front porch of our cabin. hopefully we will go back next year, but until then i'll close my eyes, take a deep breath and picture that beautiful lake in the mountains so pristine and so perfect.