Friday, March 26, 2010

gemma smith

our place is pretty much decorated with white, black, and grey. i think one of these paintings by gemma smith would add some vibrancy to our walls. pretty spring colors. it makes me want to run to the art store to get a canvas and some large brushes.

daffodil centerpiece

via stephmodo. stephanie always has the greatest ideas! she found this martha stewart paper basket bouquet here. i think i might line a couple of these down the center of my easter dinner table. i like that they are low so everyone at the table can see each other. i also love natural colored materials and that paper bag makes it not so fussy.and bonus- i think i saw bouquets of daffodils at trader joe's for like $1.50. score.

friday inspiration

some design eye candy. these are some images that get me going. hope you enjoy!!

{image1} from the new york times

{image 2} via remodelista

{image from domino magazine}

{image 4} via remodelista

{image 5} via my scandinavian retreat

{image 6} via emmas design blog

{image 7} via jordan ferney

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

easter eggs

photo from here at blog. looking forward to dyeing some eggs this year. how pretty are these! via design mom

random stuff

wanted to wish you all a very happy spring!! it was in the 70's last week so we have had a bit of spring fever at our house. the girls and i have been taking a walk every morning around fresh pond in cambridge and then going to the playground. they love it and i love that i don't have to scrounge for things to keep them entertained. here are some random things that are on my mind:

-have you tried the dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds from trader joe's? so good!

-i'm hosting 10 people at our place for easter. if you have any fabulous recipes that i have to make, please pass them along.

-i bought a couple yards of this yellow and white striped fabric from ikea to make a table cloth with for easter. can't wait to see how the table looks when everything is put together. and while i was there i picked up some cinnamon buns. yep, ate 4 in one day. that's what pms'ing does to me.

-check these $16.99 denim wedge slingback shoes out at payless. i don't think they look cheapy.

-found these 2 new sites for women's clothing. mod cloth and shabby apple. pretty good prices.

-did you get your spring fix at target with the new liberty of london line? i went 2 days after it came out and a lot of things were sold out. i went back again yesterday and it looks like they got another shipment so if at first you fail, try, try again. the girls clothing was my favorite from the line.

-did you see design mom's freshly updated blog? 5 kids and one on the way. boy, she is an inspiration. you go girl!

-ll bean's signature line launched as i had previously posted here. what do you think?

jamie oliver

well, where do i start with jamie oliver? my husband and i have been watching him since 1999 when he started the 'naked chef' on the food network. we liked that he brought a no fuss attitude and simplicity to cooking. i think he coined the term 'easy peasy'. he is the same age as us so we could relate to him. his down to earth personality, the fact that he has the most stylish family out there (beautiful wife jules and their 3 girls with another babe on the way in september), and his english slang kept us intrigued. his beautiful cook books with creative styling and photographs are such a treat to look at. it's been fun to see what new ideas he comes up with. i think he is just the greatest because he uses his fame to positively change the world. in 2005 he started a campaign to jump start english children into eating better. his actions were heard and acknowledged by the english government. and now he is heading to hungington, west virginia to help change the way americans eat, think about food and depend on processed and fast food. his new tv series on abc is called 'jamie oliver's food revolution'. did you watch the preview this past sunday? what did you think? i loved justin and can't wait to see how jamie positively changes the way his family eats. if you didn't catch it you can watch it online or this friday, march 26th at 8 pm. i love jamie oliver!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


for babes and toddlers. only $10 at old navy.

Friday, March 12, 2010


convergence by jackson pollock, 1952

orange and yellow by mark rothko, 1956

asheville by william de kooning,1948

elegy to the spanish republic no. 34 by robert motherwell, 1953-54

did you get your hands on these 44 cent pieces of art yet? i did and i'm smitten. j picked some up at the post office yesterday and i was ecstatic to see how bold and beautiful they were in real life.
order them here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

black, white and yellow

ideas for accessories and toys in a black, white and yellow kid's room...

1. vintage black globe from oakandalloy's shop on etsy
2. three shapes print by nadjamueller's shop on etsy
3. olunda print from ikea
4. mostly yellow sewn paper circus flag decoration by kate greiner on etsy
5. baggu penguin via ohdeedoh
6. plan toys pull-along zebra
7. 365 penguins book
8. you are my sunshine screen print by jess gonacha on etsy
9. black and white wooden spelling blocks by elegant baby
10. monogrammed recycled felt applique pillow by alexandraferguson's shop on etsy
11. vintage porcelain enamel gas station price sign from 26olivestreet's shop on etsy
12. bubbles print by nadjamueller's shop on etsy

loft love

from loftlifemag. this is the loft of anita calero. the placement of things in her place is sick. the mix of old and new is perfect. the coral chandelier, tortoise shells on the wall, and cork refrigerator are my it!! she has impeccable taste.

photography by anita calero/ and jonny valiant

ice shacks

how serene are these ice shacks in maine? the photogragher is scott peterman. for someone that embraces the cold east coast winters, i would love to have this as a piece of art on the walls. it creates a feeling of solitude, reflection, and peacefulness. read an article about ice shacks in maine. the magazine.