Thursday, August 27, 2009

got me in stitches

via nesting. love these graphic baby quilts. designed by adam young and michael alvarado of got me in stitches. they are sold at fawn and forest. great gift because babes can't grow out of them and they would make a perfect piece of art for a modern nursery.

margaritas, fish tacos, and homemade ice cream

it wouldn't be summer without freshly squeezed lime juice for margaritas, fish tacos and homemade ice cream. my brother and his girlfriend came over for dinner last week and that's what we had. wish i would have taken pictures, but sometimes it's more fun to live in the moment instead of worrying about getting just the right shot. here are the recipes we used.

1. jamie oliver's margaritas
2. bobby flay's fish tacos. the salsa smelled so good with the fresh cilantro.
3. homemade ice cream in a bag. we made vanilla ice cream and served it with coconut flakes and coconut milk on top.
picture from marthastewart.

hambone designs

read this article in the new york times titled, on to plan b:starting a business. lisa marie grillos and her brother, hernan barangan were victims of the recession and have used their creative juices to start a company that produces bags for bikes. hambone is the name of the company. their etsy shop is here. their website is here. love the buffalo plaid pattern shown above to keep keys, wallet and essentials handy when biking.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

go to's for a mom of twins

could not have survived this first year of mommahood without these aesthetically pleasing to the eye baby things. if you look hard enough you can find baby gear with a design edge. large retail stores tend to carry the plastic, pink, bells and whistles gear, but i'm drawn to wooden modern gear that blends in seamlessly to the things we already have. i have spent many hours on the internet when the girls were catching some zzzzz's searching for the following things. thought i would try to save you some time by posting them here.

1. baby bjorn babysitter balance in white air
2. sophie the giraffe natural teether
3. stokke tripp trapp chair in natural
4. ikea leka baby gym
5. larry the lobster pull toy
6. charley harper's wooden peg puzzle
7. flensted swallow mobile
8. jack johnson sing-a-longs and lullabies for the film curious george cd

pack your bags

jet blue is offering an all-you-can-jet pass for just $599. the offer is good from september 8-october 8. see details here. there are 50 cities to choose from. i would love to hear where you would you travel if you could use this deal...

photo from here.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

sick swedish styling

via emmas designblogg. LOVE the white painted floors and neutral color palette. everything stands out more on white painted floors. and if i'm not mistaken, those black kiddie chairs are from IKEA too.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


cuteness! how adorable is this line of fabric flowers by emersonmade. she does all her own styling and i would love to step into her farmhouse world with ducks, large garden, front porch and have a glass of wine. fun, fun fun! find the emersonmade shop here and blog here.

via simplesong.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

i.klee design

just ordered these lovely postcards for summer notes at i.klee designs on etsy. it makes me want to gather up tiny things and line them up based on color and take pictures.