Wednesday, November 30, 2011

travelogue: san sebastian. spain. the wind comb sculptures.

nature and art. the perfect combination. i so enjoyed our walk out to the wind comb sculptures in san sebastian.  they were born of collaboration between the sculptor eduardo chillida and architect luis pena ganchegui. it's chillida's most emblematic work - the place where his dream came true for him: his dream of creating a space where the sea, the wind, iron and the rocks could all converse together. where the wind "could be combed as it enters the city".

travelogue: san sebastián. spain // food

there are many reasons to love san sebastián, spain. but, the top reason on my list was the food. the pintxos, which are tapas in the basque region of spain, were poetic in their flamboyant colors, many layers, and the amount you can find on top of any bar in town.  for a girl with low blood sugar, these bite size pieces of delight and protein were perfect to snarf down after walking miles and miles and  taking in all the sites. forget a sit down dinner, while drinking rioja wine that is from that region you could travel around to all different bars and eat pintxos and be fulfilled for the evening.  oh, but you would have to stop and get some gelato on the way home.

the farmer's markets and bakeries filled with croissants with creme and chocolate fillings cannot be missed either.

and quite possibly one of the best meals i had on our trip was in san sebastián. seafood done simply. octopus with paprika. calamari with the lightest breading and a squeeze of lemon juice. and the angler fish or monk fish with olive oil and herbs was heavenly.

Monday, November 28, 2011

holiday inspiration

hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! now that halloween and thanksgiving are behind us, i am so excited to officially start the christmas decorating, prep and listening to christmas music. i picked up the jackson 5 christmas cd and we have been been getting into the spirit with that all weekend.

thought you might like a little holiday inspiration to jump start you this monday morning. found all these images via pinterest, my new infatuation.

image sources:
5. tahoe ridge house designed by wa design inc. via chic tip.
7. gingerbread cookies from en mammas dag blog.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving

yoohooo. let the holiday season begin. what are your plans for thanksgiving? do you have any traditions that you keep close to your heart for thanksgiving day? 

our family tradition is to watch the sound of music after we have sat down for a fulfilling meal. it usually turns into a sing along because we just can't hold it in. it's such an uplifting movie and my three-year-old twin girls even know the songs and like singing along too.

hope you enjoy the long thanksgiving weekend with your families and sending hugs and kisses through the internet to you!

photo from the constant buzz.

travelogue: san sebastián. spain

here are some more photos from our spain/france trip. these are from the city of san sebastián in the northern part of spain in the basque country on the bay of biscay. what a delightful city full of fabulous food, culture and beautiful architecture. san sebastián was even selected along with wroclaw, poland as the european capital of culture  for 2016. i have to do some more posts specifically on the food and the comb of the wind sculptures by eduardo chillida. just too many pretty sites! 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

weekend inspiration

hope you are having a great weekend! thought you might like a little eye candy for this fall weekend. 

we went to a little new england church bazaar this morning and had pho for lunch. one of the things i missed about harvard square in boston was being able to get pho for lunch. and now we found a place here that serves up this vietnamese goodness. beef broth with rice noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, fresh lime juice and  chili sauce. it leaves me at peace and very full and content. 

we're heading to salve regina's dance club's fall performance. i think the girls are going to love it. and tomorrow we are going to the meadowbrook waldorf school's holiday faire. hope you are getting excited about the upcoming holidays and wishes for a fun filled weekend!

image sources:
2.  image from inside out magazine
4.  from the website for interior design by mlinaric, henry & zervudachi
6.  image by william waldron
7.  image by arjan benning
10. image through vtwonen, photogrpahy by marc van praag and sunna bijl

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

tea time

i just discovered a blog that i think you might fall in love with too. chances are you already know about it, but i wanted to share it with you anyway. it's name is la buena vida. it's an inspiring blog full of beautiful lifestyle and food photography by nicole franzen. see it right here.

photo by nicole franzen.

Monday, November 14, 2011

holiday gift guides

creature comforts blog presents the 2011 holiday gift guide
the holiday guide by emily henderson
nordic design 2011 christmas magazine

pour yourself some egg nog, put your santa hat on, get your holiday giving list out and start taking notes because these 3 bloggers have spent hours combing through the internet and finding the best gifts for everyone on your list. happy shopping!

fall field trips

hope you all had a nice long weekend! what did you do? the girls and i took 3 little day trips in the last week. i really wanted to get out of the house because i usually hit a low with the shorter days and less daylight. now that i'm 35 i know i have to make an effort during this time of year. so fresh air, visiting museums, and seeing family is just what we did!

we went to the providence children's museum. 3 hours of solid play. complete with a water play room, a woodland forest where kids can dress up as their favorite animal, an imaginative subterranean world of roots and worm tunnels, and an artful two story climbing maize. it is the answer to any mom's dream in the rhode island area. we loved it!

since the girls are learning about pilmgrims and indians in preschool i thought it was appropriate to head to plimouth plantation in plymouth, mass. it was a rainy day, but we got to visit a wampanoag indian homesite and a 17th-century english village.

and this weekend we met my brother, matt, briana (his fiance) and my cousin, max at the museum of fine arts in boston where we got to see the new degas and the nude exhibit. and the girls ran around outside and jumped in leaves. 

hope you all are doing well and enjoying this fall and thanks for reading my little blog!

Friday, November 11, 2011



i have to apologize, but i haven't been posting at all this week because i got sucked into the pinterest vortex and just managed to surface and find the light of day. boy, it's really addicting. especially if you are a visual person. i really need to start setting some limits on the amount of time i spend on it. i was a little late in the game to join, but i wanted to wait until the girls started preschool and i had a little more time on my hands. anyway, i would love it if you go check out my page and let me know what you like and don't like. would love to get some feedback seeing that i spent way too much time getting my pages set up this week. hope you enjoy!