Monday, November 14, 2011

fall field trips

hope you all had a nice long weekend! what did you do? the girls and i took 3 little day trips in the last week. i really wanted to get out of the house because i usually hit a low with the shorter days and less daylight. now that i'm 35 i know i have to make an effort during this time of year. so fresh air, visiting museums, and seeing family is just what we did!

we went to the providence children's museum. 3 hours of solid play. complete with a water play room, a woodland forest where kids can dress up as their favorite animal, an imaginative subterranean world of roots and worm tunnels, and an artful two story climbing maize. it is the answer to any mom's dream in the rhode island area. we loved it!

since the girls are learning about pilmgrims and indians in preschool i thought it was appropriate to head to plimouth plantation in plymouth, mass. it was a rainy day, but we got to visit a wampanoag indian homesite and a 17th-century english village.

and this weekend we met my brother, matt, briana (his fiance) and my cousin, max at the museum of fine arts in boston where we got to see the new degas and the nude exhibit. and the girls ran around outside and jumped in leaves. 

hope you all are doing well and enjoying this fall and thanks for reading my little blog!

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