Thursday, June 11, 2009

bobbing for balloons

happy, happy weekend to all!
via a cup of jo. photos by harpy.

living etc

living etc is a UK based publication that i would love to get my hands on. i guess their website will have to do for now. the above are some interior shots that i love from their gallery.


photo taken from my grandparents and mom used to talk about going to the outdoor brimfield antique show and how much they looked forward to it when they lived in northern massachusetts in the 60's. well, now i have taken their lead and i am going every chance i get. my husband, twin girls, brother and i went to the one that started on may 12th this year. this was the first time we have been on the first day of the show. they run from tuesday-sunday. what an experience it is! there are thousands of dealers with anything you can think of. we had so much fun this year! we bought a table from a a younger couple from brooklyn, ny. they had found it in lancaster county, pa. from an amish family. so cool that antiques embody a green lifestyle.
here are the following dates for 2009 brimfield:
july 14-19
sept. 8-13
find out more about brimfield here.

rainbow of fizz

via jordan ferney| oh happy day! what a great idea for a party! an old- fashioned soda bar. how beautiful the colors are and what a fun idea for summer. go here for more ideas and more details.

Monday, June 1, 2009

maine trip

josh (my husband), matt (my brother), jordan (my brother's girlfriend), karoline, rory, and I headed to port clyde, maine for almost a week the middle of may. we stayed in a friend's house and had a nice break from reality. fir trees, farnsworth museum, party for the jamie wyeth exhibit, rockland, camden, grilling out, breakfast sandwiches from the general store, hike to mosquito head, mount battie, whoopie pies, marshall point lighthouse, eiders, fiddleheads, moss-taches, wiscasset, the marston house, ll bean outlet in freeport, and folly101 summarizes it all. maine is one of the most beautiful places. it moves me to tears every time i go. my favorite thing we did this trip was to strap the girls into their front carriers and went for a 2 hour hike around mosquito head. the girls slept for half of the hike and we were able to take in the gorgeous scenery. during the hike we crossed a field to get to a desolate beach. i had to pinch myself when we heard the ocean waves and saw the water coming into sight. josh, matt, and jordan later went for a midnight polar plunge at that beach. i would have jumped on that bandwagon, but someone had to take care of the girls.