Monday, February 28, 2011

house tour: maria Øverbye

i am drooling over this home seen in skona hem magazine. this eclectic and artful home belongs to norwegian ceramist maria Øverbye with her husband and three daughters. the house was originally built as a school in 1893. i mean how cool are the little vignettes, white painted floors, beautiful photographs, wood furniture, and industrial lighting that add so much warmth and personality to an edited space.

photographs by madeleine söder for skona hem and styled by linda ahman
found via emmas designblogg and hege greenall-scholtz

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

scenes from our getaway to new york city

will post more details later, but josh and i loved just holding hands walking around the city with no time constraints. brooklyn flea market, atlantic ave in brooklyn and stopping in some of the coolest stores i have ever been in, chelsea market, the high line park, the meatpacking district, shopping in soho, eating almost every 2 hours because new york restaurants are so tempting with their atmospheres, good food and the chance to people watch. my parents were so sweet to watch the girls and i was so happy to come home, but it was a great chance to get stimulated by some cool design and break the winter doldrums.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

road trip

happy weekend!! josh and i are heading to brooklyn and nyc this weekend. my kind parents are staying with the girls and our bags are packed for our road trip. i'm so excited to go to the brooklyn flea market for the first time and get some kale chips and look at some antiques. on sunday we're planning on walking all around the meatpacking district and high line park. i'll make sure to post my favorite stores next week. hope you all have a happy long weekend!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

wood teepee

looks like the perfect place to take a nap and dream...

image from house beautiful via you are the river.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

country living

i picked up a new march 2011 copy of country living because i saw there was a travel guide to brooklyn, new york and we're heading there this weekend. my subscription for country living had just ran out and i decided not to renew it and what-do-you-know, but this is like the best issue ever for design ideas. serves me right for not renewing it. anyway, i have highlighted some of my favorite products and stores that were introduced to me via country living. hope you enjoy and get some new ideas!
vintage american chart of osteology from kabinett & kammer
spicher and company prints on wall
leah evans quilts made from a vintage kimono and plaid shirt
campbell high-heel oxfords from j.crew
recommended reading; geraldine james's creative walls
milking stool from voos furniture

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day!! all of the above happened before 8:30 am this morning. crazy times my friends!! karoline likes to be naked ALL the time so i told her she is our little cupid. they both have red lollipop stain over their entire bodies and a nice sugar buzz. hope you all enjoy the little things that make this holiday so sweet!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

favorite ikea finds for kids

i grew up in chagrin falls, ohio (a small town outside of cleveland, ohio) and was an ikea virgin until i saw the light of day when i turned 25 years old. can you imagine being deprived of their sick prices and rad design my entire childhood? anyway, i'm raising my girls the ikea way since we have one only one hour away now. the above are my favorite finds for babies and kids.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

nautical inspired swimsuits for toddler girls

so i know it's a little early for bathing suits, but i waited too late last year and wanted to get a crackin' early this year. the above swim suits are my favorites for toddler girls that are nautical inspired. i prefer the classic red and navy over pink and purple. i think i might even order karoline and rory's suits now while i'm thinking about it so i have more options to choose from.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

west elm sheets

west elm's sheets are so awesome these days. i used the 30% discount off of bedding last week and bought a set of the gray and white stripe. i thought it was about time to add some design to our bed instead of plain white sheets.

inspiration wall

absolutely love this!!

thomas o'brien's inspiration wall via graphic-exchange.

winter entertaining meal

have been down and out with a cold and am just starting to resurface. i took the girls to the beach yesterday so we could soak up the sun and it was fabulous. there were 4 surfers and the girls were contempt bundled up in their large coats, hats and gloves playing in the sand. we are outside people and this weather has really stopped us from taking walks because the sidewalks are so icy. i'm hoping to get my groove back and we can start thinking of creative ways to enjoy being outside in the winter.

anyway, i made the following recipes for a quick dinner party last week and it turned out great. i would highly recommend them:

white turkey chili from whole foods recipes. i doubled the recipe. the grocery store i went to did not have canned tomatillos so i bought a large jar of salsa verde (hot) and poured it in instead of using a jalapeno and tomatillos. it was spicy and hot just like a chili should be.

lemony cabbage-avocado slaw from whole foods recipes. this was so refreshing with the chili. i used all the ingredients it called for except the hemp seeds. i wasn't going to start a wild goose chase with these on this island that doesn't have many specialty food stores.

grapefruit yogurt cake from smitten kitchen. see image above. grapefruits are in season so it was a lovely way to use what i had bought in bulk at bj's wholesale club for a tart dessert.

image from smitten kitchen.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

green and industrial

love these industrial pieces in the interior shots above. makes me want to go back to my high school gym locker room so i can haggle with the p.e. teacher in hopes of bringing some lockers home. 

image credit:
1. maria-isabel hansson for hus and hem via hege greenall-scholtz
2-4. vtwonen magazine