Friday, February 20, 2009

dana gallagher's home

via moodboard. texture, simplicity, and pureness. the above images are from the photographer, dana gallagher's home in new york city. love, love, love it!

photographs by dana gallagher.

images were scanned by moodboard from australia vogue living april/may 2003.

b-day gift ideas

so i did some research on the internet (while the girls were taking naps) to find just the right gifts for my husband, josh, last month. and i thought i would share some of the items in case anyone else out there is looking for some birthday gift ideas for their loved ones.

1. jamie oliver's new cook book: jamie at home. get it here. no nonsense cooking. perfect for a culinary guy who doesn't like using measuring cups and spoons.

2. leather work gloves from costco. they smell like a cowboy and he loves wearing them on the weekend when he's working around the house.

3. pentagam 2009 typography calendar. buy it here. it is a 33 X 22 inch wall calendar that displays a different typeface each month. if you are into graphic design then this is the calendar for you. we have it in our main living room because it's more like a piece of art.

4. sky lanterns. first seen here on oh happy day blog. the paper is nonflammable and we want to take them to the ocean and light them the next time we go. here is the video of a sky lantern festival. they look so fun and festive.

5. flensted swallow mobile from rose and radish. made in denmark. they are one of my favorite finds. this was more of a gift for the girls, but josh gets to blow on it every day above their changing table so it moves and captures the girls attention when their diapers are being changed.

6. subscription to national geographic. we were both zoology majors for our undergrad education so we love reading the articles about exotic animals in the deep jungles, arid climates,or polar regions of the globe. he's been getting this subscription for @ 5 years and the brilliant photography amazes me each month. this is a staple birthday gift for him every year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

quebec city winter carnival

quebec city has a yearly winter carnival that looks like a blast. this year it ran from january 30-february 16. i have been to montreal, but never quebec city and after reading about it i would love to take a family trip there once the girls are old enough to enjoy it. i love snow and why not embrace it by going snow rafting, seeing ice castles, and watching dog sled competitions. maybe add some spiked hot cocoa and i would be set. what a winter wonderland! read more about it here. above images from here.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day from our family to yours!!
lots of treats and surprises going on today.
have a happy, happy day!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

loft living

gorgeouso. discovered this loft space on decor8 blog. she found it from the loftlife magazine blog. this is the loft of interior designer, andrew flesher in minneapolis, mn. i get so inspired when i see interior decorators mixing antiques with modern furniture.

growing up with a mother and grandmother who were antique dealers, my heart sings when i see beautiful antique furniture whose character cannot be duplicated. and then mixing it with the white concrete floors and modern kitchen cabinets is just icing on the cake. the black ladder back shaker style chairs in the kitchen are fabulous. i don't need coffee this morning, these images have given me a jumpstart to the day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

photo wall

via the style files. i have a photo wall in my dining room, but it's not this cool.

baby shower idea

via inchmark. how cute is this heart themed baby shower!! read more about the details here.

cathy gedda westrell

via design sponge. love, love, love this home of swedish designer, cathy gedda westrell and her fiance erik. i'm going to have dreams of white painted wood floors and decorating with clean lines after seeing this. they have inspired me to color code my book shelves. read more about it here. and see more pictures of their place here.

sycamore hollow

i know i am a little late to start posting about valentine's day, but that's the way my life is with twin babies. i think i'm going to be a little late to the party for the next 18 years. sycamore hollow, a store located in rockport, ma is one of my favorite places to shop. i have found such meaningful and unique things there. the owner is so creative and she mixes old and new things flawlessly. i have found vintage things there as well as some pretty cards and stationary. above are some of the things i have purchased in the past for friends and family. the heart memo holder is only $12 and can hold pretty photos or postcards. the lavender-filled heart sachets made with vintage linens are created by karen king of boom studios. it says "you are here".

the blog for sycamore hollow is here.


my friend maggie and her husband clifton are new parents to their beautiful baby boy... cedric odyssey. i think he is just the cutest thing. i can't wait for karoline and rory to be buddies with him. maggie is going to be such a great mom and i am so happy for them!