Wednesday, December 31, 2008

new year resolutions

"dream collage" by wayne pate at good shape design.

thought that i would be more likely to accomplish them if i write them down
1. continue to stimulate girls by doing tummy time, reading to them, and playing classical music once a day (not all together at the same time though).
2. get rid of all my plastic tupperware and buy glass storage containers.
3. meditate for at least 15 minutes a day every day.
4. continue to keep a journal for the girls on a weekly basis.
5. plan a family vacation for this summer to a place we have never been.
6. organize photos on mac and keep my bookmarks organized.
7. stop cracking my knuckles.
8.gradually get rid of all harsh cleaners and buy natural cleaning products.
9.take sailing lessons with Josh this spring.
10.get into downtown boston at least once a month with the girls to walk around.


images from martha stewart. via marta writes blog. these pics inspired me. what do you have planned for new years eve? i will actually be partaking in more of the grapes than champagne this year because i'm nursing. and i have a feeling that my soft pillow and down comforter may be what i'm kissing at midnight since josh and i have sleeping shifts and mine falls during the stroke of midnight. we will see...


sent birth announcements/holiday cards out to friends and family last week. above is what they looked like. they are by kate spade and found them here. josh took the picture of the girls. it was quite a feat timing it after they both ate so their eyes were wide open and happy. timing the natural light coming into the window and putting them side by side without their hands and arms flaying was huge. we took so many pictures to finally get the right one. got the wonderlust dream look in their eyes by shaking a toy right by the camera so they stared at it. my mom and dad found those fisherman knit sweaters at the john tarr store in rockport, ma. they are made by gloucester knitting company.

and i ordered blank cards for christmas thank yous from modern printed matter. her things make me happy. view her etsy shop here.


i hope everyone had a magical christmas filled with their favorite things. i hope you spent it with someone you loved and that you felt the spirit in the air. and i hope you believe. i hope that you believe that the future holds so much possibility. i hope that you believe that in keeping an open mind great things will happen. i hope that you felt the love and giddiness that you felt as a kid on christmas morning. all 5 senses overflowing. below are my favorite pics from our holiday in rockport, ma.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

joy to the world

a very merry, merry christmas from our family to yours!!

josh and i are aren't asking for anything from santa this year. we feel so blessed with our 2 little lambs in this world. we're heading up to rockport, ma today to celebrate christmas with my family. rosy cheeks, hot chocolate with whipped cream, seeing santa on dock square on christmas day, walking down bearskin neck, laughing, eating, lighting candles, watching elf, dressing our girls in red, snuggling, and praying for peace on earth is what we have planned.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i don't mind getting up at 3 am to feed the girls because i get to see the sunrise. colors that only mother nature can create.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

happy birthday mom!

my mother gave me the moon.
my mother gave me the stars.
my mother gave me the universe and all its little miracles.
my mother gave me warmth.
my mother gave me security.
and all the while, my mother gave me room to grow.
and the freedom to discover the world for myself.
my mother gave me the gift of countless sunny afternoons...
of wheelbarrow races and butterfly chases.
bubbles of all sizes and sweet surprises.
my mother gave me childhood, pure and joyful.
my mother gave me friendship.
my mother gave me faith.
she instilled in me a sense of wonder
and the wisdom to be gentle with all living things.
my mother gave me dreams and the courage to believe in them.
and she still does.
my mother made everyday days seem special.
and made special days nothing short of magical.
she taught me to hold traditions dear...
and family close.
and long before anyone else did...
my mother showed me what love really is.
written by, patrick regan

Thursday, December 11, 2008

juliette arent

via apartment therapy. just spotted this clean and serene apartment of juliette arent of sydney australia. proof that you can still have an inspiring place to call home with all white walls and wood floors. the art she uses is rad. makes me want to go to to look for some reasonable art to pop on our walls. images from arent and pyke.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bird and bear

our baby girls turned 3 months old this past saturday!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

farmhouse chic

i adore this house in wellesley, mass. the interior designer is christine lane. such clean and bold statements that will be filed in my brain for my dream house. my favorite idea is the pile of smooth beach rocks in the family room.
images from christine lane interiors via farmhouse modern blog.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

happy birthday dad!

happy birthday dad! you have the most integrity of anyone i know. popcorn, fishing, tide pools at front beach, coffee in farmer jack mug, halibut point, echinoderms, indian princesses, creeping moss, the animal kingdom game driving in the station wagon to mass., giverny, monet, 16th birthday trip to europe, caa basketball coach, sunday school teacher, saturday morning outings with you in birmingham, packs of gum, the perfect martini, browns football, the eagles club, typing my h.s. english papers after i had written them, teaching me to drive at kenston h.s., rides to school in m.s., cold weather, orange alert, horseshoes, khakis and top siders, jazz music, fine young cannibals, and brady. i love you and feel so blessed to have you as a dad and a grandfather to my girls! xoxo, molly

Friday, December 5, 2008

nap time

this is what i plan to do this weekend.smelling the tops of baby heads, tummy time, singing the itsy bitsy spider, watching josh capture the girls attention, and dressing them in mary jane socks.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

paper plates

the winner of season 2 of top design, nathan, came up with this ingenious idea for a dining room chandelier using paper plates. it looks so organic and i love the weight of it in a room. josh and i already bought some thick paper plates and are going to play around with them this weekend when the girls are sleeping. via bravo tv top design website


love the feel of these modern farm houses against the landscape. the landscape architect is coen + partners. the architect is david salmela . this jackson meadow community is located in minnesota. what a dream of mine to live in a house like that!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

twice the love

karoline marquart
rory clarke
our 2 baby girls were born on september 6th. karoline marquart and rory clarke. my heart is overflowing with them in this world and josh and i feel so blessed. i guess i have been preoccupied with my pregnancy and their arrival this year, hence my last posting in march. i'm more of a cold weather blogger, so i will try to update when i have 2 hands free.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

happy spring!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

you're either in... or you're out

the season finale of project runway is tonight! have had it on the calendar for the last couple of weeks. i know. it's pretty sad that my life is wrapped around reality tv, but this season is fierce. i'm pulling for jillian. christian is 'sort of a big deal' and hilarious to watch, but i love the work jillian does. i would definitely wear some of the dresses and jackets she makes. so much intricate detail goes into her work and i love the calmness about her. no matter who wins, michael kors uncontrollable laughing streak during the w.w.e. divas competition on the reunion show is one of the best moments this year. hands down. who do you want to win?
photo taken from the project runway website.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

canvas headboard

via design sponge. how cool is this canvas headboard? i love this idea!! i wish i had a spare bedroom to use this in. i would wait until michael's has one of their 50% off one item coupon and then grab a large canvas and paint the headboard on.

Monday, March 3, 2008

matthew mead

matthew mead is a stylist, author and creative lifestyle extraordinaire out of new hampshire. discovered his website last year and have eagerly awaited his seasonal website updates. i read the desire to inspire blog today and found out that his new spring 2008 feature is loaded. love his decorating ideas, recipes and style projects. the canvas chalkboard and art cube are genius and his color scheme for this season is right up my alley. i get so inspired by this photos and the way he arranges his collections. he's like a male martha stewart, but he seems to have a bigger heart and there are more modern ideas and projects that i can relate to. here are some pics to peak your interest in his new spring website.