Wednesday, March 5, 2008

you're either in... or you're out

the season finale of project runway is tonight! have had it on the calendar for the last couple of weeks. i know. it's pretty sad that my life is wrapped around reality tv, but this season is fierce. i'm pulling for jillian. christian is 'sort of a big deal' and hilarious to watch, but i love the work jillian does. i would definitely wear some of the dresses and jackets she makes. so much intricate detail goes into her work and i love the calmness about her. no matter who wins, michael kors uncontrollable laughing streak during the w.w.e. divas competition on the reunion show is one of the best moments this year. hands down. who do you want to win?
photo taken from the project runway website.

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  1. I did not get to see it b/c I was in Chicago and they didn't have Bravo at the hotel. I like Christian's clothes but not his attitude. Jillian is classy. I heard that Christian won and wasn't too surprised...He's just too fierce!