Tuesday, February 8, 2011

winter entertaining meal

have been down and out with a cold and am just starting to resurface. i took the girls to the beach yesterday so we could soak up the sun and it was fabulous. there were 4 surfers and the girls were contempt bundled up in their large coats, hats and gloves playing in the sand. we are outside people and this weather has really stopped us from taking walks because the sidewalks are so icy. i'm hoping to get my groove back and we can start thinking of creative ways to enjoy being outside in the winter.

anyway, i made the following recipes for a quick dinner party last week and it turned out great. i would highly recommend them:

white turkey chili from whole foods recipes. i doubled the recipe. the grocery store i went to did not have canned tomatillos so i bought a large jar of salsa verde (hot) and poured it in instead of using a jalapeno and tomatillos. it was spicy and hot just like a chili should be.

lemony cabbage-avocado slaw from whole foods recipes. this was so refreshing with the chili. i used all the ingredients it called for except the hemp seeds. i wasn't going to start a wild goose chase with these on this island that doesn't have many specialty food stores.

grapefruit yogurt cake from smitten kitchen. see image above. grapefruits are in season so it was a lovely way to use what i had bought in bulk at bj's wholesale club for a tart dessert.

image from smitten kitchen.

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