Wednesday, November 30, 2011

travelogue: san sebastián. spain // food

there are many reasons to love san sebastián, spain. but, the top reason on my list was the food. the pintxos, which are tapas in the basque region of spain, were poetic in their flamboyant colors, many layers, and the amount you can find on top of any bar in town.  for a girl with low blood sugar, these bite size pieces of delight and protein were perfect to snarf down after walking miles and miles and  taking in all the sites. forget a sit down dinner, while drinking rioja wine that is from that region you could travel around to all different bars and eat pintxos and be fulfilled for the evening.  oh, but you would have to stop and get some gelato on the way home.

the farmer's markets and bakeries filled with croissants with creme and chocolate fillings cannot be missed either.

and quite possibly one of the best meals i had on our trip was in san sebastián. seafood done simply. octopus with paprika. calamari with the lightest breading and a squeeze of lemon juice. and the angler fish or monk fish with olive oil and herbs was heavenly.

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