Saturday, November 19, 2011

weekend inspiration

hope you are having a great weekend! thought you might like a little eye candy for this fall weekend. 

we went to a little new england church bazaar this morning and had pho for lunch. one of the things i missed about harvard square in boston was being able to get pho for lunch. and now we found a place here that serves up this vietnamese goodness. beef broth with rice noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, fresh lime juice and  chili sauce. it leaves me at peace and very full and content. 

we're heading to salve regina's dance club's fall performance. i think the girls are going to love it. and tomorrow we are going to the meadowbrook waldorf school's holiday faire. hope you are getting excited about the upcoming holidays and wishes for a fun filled weekend!

image sources:
2.  image from inside out magazine
4.  from the website for interior design by mlinaric, henry & zervudachi
6.  image by william waldron
7.  image by arjan benning
10. image through vtwonen, photogrpahy by marc van praag and sunna bijl

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  1. Girl. I am looking at your more than fabulous posts and thinking that your sensibility is stellar. Going to share the love with others.

    mb from big d.