Tuesday, November 1, 2011

a giraffe + dorothy

hope you all had a festive halloween!! we had a little get together with 3 other families before trick-or-treating last night so it was fun to decorate the house in some friendly halloween decorations. all the kiddoes were 5 years old and younger so we didn't want to scare the bejeebers out of any one. i made little paper bags filled with halloween pencils, pads of paper, glow in the dark bats, fangs, glow in the dark bracelets, and pretzels for the kids.

the food was really easy for the night. 3 pizzas from pre-made dough. and a plate filled with veggies and dip. and while the girls were at school i made some candy corn sugar cookies and apricots dipped in dark chocolate (an indulgence for the adults but loaded with antioxidants!)

this year rory dressed up as a giraffe and she made me pick her up any time we got near a puddle of water or mud because she "didn't want to get her costume dirty". and karoline loves the wizard of oz and we had just purchased some sparkly red shoes at target so it was easy to put together an outfit complete with a toto basket.

i think this was the most fun i have had at halloween in a long time. i really enjoyed celebrating with our new friends in newport and walking all together while trick-or-treating and laughing made my heart sing. the kiddoes were so excited and now that rory and karoline are three they are really getting into this holiday thing.


  1. Your party sounds great and the decorations are wonderful! And right on point - I could do without seeing some of the scarier decorations we saw while trick-or-treating (at least at this point) - which my 5-year-old is still talking about. Speaking of the 5-year-old, he was a giraffe for Halloween as well, and when I put him to bed last night he told me he was SO tired, and that "he had no idea being a giraffe was such hard work." This comment makes me laugh each time I think of it! Thanks for the post.

  2. hey sarah!

    so great hearing from you! that is so sweet what your five-year-old said. straight from the mouths of babes. too cute. sending warm wishes to cape ann-i love it there during this time of year.