Wednesday, January 22, 2014

books contained

from piles of chaos when we moved in...

to this:                   
i priced an elfa storage system for this wall and it was ten times the price as the ikea algot shelving system. so guess what my bargain hunting, cost cutting, always up for a deal self did? i went with the ikea shelving and it was just what we wanted for the space.


  1. I would hang out in this room all the time. Love the light, the table and the whole feel!

  2. gorgeous. i love the horizontal stacks. and the bird perched on top is so it's peeking out the window.

  3. It looks great...what a great space!

  4. thanks, ladies!;)wish we all lived closer so we could hang out at a book club/craft/art/ladies/wine/inspiration night together.

  5. Looks wonderful. Job well done. Phew. Now don't move again, ever.
    I have a friend who called her bookclub/craft/art/ladies/wine/inspiration night Stitch and Bitch together time. Kinda fun, right?