Wednesday, January 2, 2013

christmas 2012

hope you all had a joyous holiday with the ones you love! sending warm wishes for love and peace to you.

josh's parents came from ohio, my parent's who just moved to maine in november (more on that later) and my bro, matt, and sis-in-law, briana made it down for christmas. we sang christmas carols, lit candles and felt the love in our hearts.

i wish we could say we made it through unscathed from any sickness, but just like clockwork rory fell ill with a stomach bug on christmas morning at 2 am. it was karoline last year. that's life with kids my friends.  our family of four all got it too. lovely times let me tell you. but, we all felt better friday of last week and were able to travel to maine for the new year.

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