Monday, January 14, 2013

gravity and grace: monumental works by el anatsui

El Anatsui (Ghanaian, b. 1944). Earth’s Skin, 2009. Aluminum and copper wire, 177 x 394 in. (449.6 x 1000.8 cm). Courtesy of the artist and Jack Shainman Gallery, New York. Photo by Joe Levack, Courtesy of the Akron Art Museum
ghanaian artist el anatsui's traveling exhibit, gravity and grace: monumental works by el anatsui will be on display at the brooklyn museum from february 8-august 4. he uses used aluminum and copper wire to stitch together found items.

i am so attracted to his handmade sculptures. they represent a transformation in my eyes. taking a consumer product, such as a bottle cap and aluminum wire that has a functional everyday purpose and changing it into an intricate sculpture that breathes life, color and radiance.  i have got to get to that museum to see his works of art. but, staring at the photos of el anatsui's work will have to do for now.

transformation and change have been on my mind lately. it must be from the new year and the fact that i heard a sermon at my church this sunday about joy in your heart. it feels like my natural tendency in this dreary january weather is to complain and use lots of sarcasm. to talk about the annoying things people do and focus on my pet peeves when talking to my husband. anyone else out there tend to go there more often during this time of year? maybe it's just me, but i'm going to make a conscious effort to change this way of thinking. to be more grateful. to be more patient. to listen more. and to see the good things that occur rather than the bad things.

there is certainly no shortage of horrors in this world. but, there is new hope. and i am making a vow to spread kindness, positive energy and joy during my encounters with people. i want to be a bearer of light. so starting today, you may see a woman driving around newport with a huge smile on her face. she didn't just win the lottery or land a publishing deal for her first book or find the cure for cancer. she is just counting her blessings and is trying to make a change.


  1. I tried to post the other day and had the old posting problem. Hoping that this will go through.
    Just wanted to say thanks for the reminder. Be positive. Spread kindness, be grateful, count my blessing. Surely we can be contagious? I am certainly ever hopeful.
    Have a wonderful balance to the week.

  2. hi mb! i just watched "the secret" last night so your words are ever more meaningful. yes to gratefulness and positive thoughts. xoxo