Wednesday, January 9, 2013

inspiration for january

i don't know about you, but for our family it's back to basics when the new year and january appears. the holidays with kids is fun, but there is a lot of stress and pressure to make things just right. from the gifts, planning menus, christmas decorations, baking christmas cookies, playing the right music, and planning activities for the kids in hopes they will make special memories. i have to admit i am constantly analyzing if i'm doing enough to create a holiday wonderland in the eyes of my girls. don't get me wrong, i enjoy the holidays and i do feel my heart swell to double the size with all the love going around. but, once january comes it is so refreshing to breathe deeply, slow down and enjoy the simplicity of things. above are some images that embody what january represents to me. citrus and raw foods. delicate lines in nature. organization. clean surfaces to clear the mind. tea drinking. yoga. meditation. and expressing yourself through art. 

image sources:
1. gilded flowers by ling meng on flickr via iiiinspired via designskool.
2.image via dark strange pin
3. lovely sculptures via tamsin johnson
4. wood glass canisters from merchant no.4
5. from desire to inspire via joslyn taylor's pin
6. object + totem imbiber mug from pretty mommy's shop
7. artwork by getrude goldschmidt, 1970


  1. Very beautiful post. I do enjoy the excesses and joy and love of the holiday season, but it also does make me appreciate the clean start of January. I crave clean, organized, serene, quiet.

  2. thanks, mary. and can't wait to watch some of the movies from your blog. i think i watch more movies in jan. than any month.