Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year's eve

we toasted the new year before the sun went down at marshall point light house
pick a glass to drink out of
hurray for 2013
candle action
it wouldn't be a holiday without a lemon bomb cake
don't let the small piece deceive you. i had three. 

here are some pictures from our new years eve celebration in maine at my parent's new england cape built in the 1800's. we kept it simple and cozy with a trip to see the sunset at marshall point lighthouse. drinks in special glasses (from my mum's collection of antique glassware). a chicken pot pie. and a lemon bomb cake (from the brown bag in rockland, maine).

cheers to 2013 and all of it's possibilities.


  1. The lemon bomb cake looks amazing and is probably as delicious as it is beautiful. Can you share the recipe?

  2. i wish i could say i made it, but we bought it at the brown bag restaurant/cafe in rockland, maine. so good!

  3. Happy New Year. You make "cold" look good. Beautiful photos. (love the one of your two girlies and their mom)

  4. hey mb! hope you had a great holiday with your fam! we are loving the cold and snow now, but come march i may be ready for a margarita, flip flops and some texas weather.