Thursday, January 24, 2013

trillium soaps

i totally buy into the idea of aromatherapy. walking into the trillium soaps store on 216 south main street in rockland, maine solidified this for me. with every inhale of the natural plant essences i took in, my blood pressure went down, my smile lifted and a peaceful calm enveloped my body. this store is way up there on my list of happy places.

the soaps are made from olive oil for a moisturizing quality, palm oil for a smooth lather and coconut oil for cleansing strength. they combine these oils with special ingredients like aloe vera, comfrey, rose petals. and the best part is they scent the soap with 100% natural plant essences. plant essences like grapefruit, lavender, rosemary, lime, and pine. they smelled so fresh and ripe i almost wanted to take a bite out of them. 

i walked away with an entire loaf of orange calendula soap and i have been washing my body and hands every chance i get.

and the soap wasn't the only happy maker in there. they also sell antiques, white dishes, glass cloches, linen napkins and aprons, oil paintings, handmade wooden spoons, and the most beautiful ribbon i have ever seen. 

i highly recommend a visit to the trillium soap shop if you are in rockland, maine or check out their website.

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