Wednesday, January 9, 2013

miranda brooks's brooklyn home in vogue

all photography by françois halard for vogue

i am smitten with miranda brooks. her brownstone in brooklyn. the flora and fauna seen throughout her home and garden. her girlies bedrooms and playroom. the rugs she purchased on business trips in marrakech. the marthe armitage hand-printed wallpaper in the girls’ rooms. the fact that she works out of their carriage home. it's rare to stumble upon a home like this.  i am so happy i picked up the january issue of vogue during my routine trip to the grocery store to see this inspirational, whimsical, and wonderfully delicious home. miranda is a landscape architect and contributor to vogue magazine. and her husband, bastien halard is an architect. design is in their blood as you can see from their beautiful home they have created in brooklyn. 


  1. What a gorgeous house! It shows that it's not just how you decorate but also the bones of the house itself that matter (I say this as the unfortunate owner of a boring box house that I wish had better ceiling height and windows!)

  2. what i would give for those tall ceilings and windows!