Tuesday, January 29, 2013

josh's birthday weekend

we celebrated, my husband, josh's 37th birthday in boston this weekend. it was just josh + i. the girls stayed at my bro+sis-in-law's home in jamaica plain and had lots of fun. i found a living social deal for the ames hotel a week before his birthday and was pretty excited because we don't do this adults only thing very often. it took me a couple of hours to adjust to not being in my motherhood role. that and trying to dress sophisticated when it's 18 degrees out was pretty difficult for me.

it was all about the food this weekend. we ate vietnamese (pho pasteur), japanese (shabuzen), italian (pizzeria regina), middle eastern (cafe jaffa), and mexican (temazcal) food while we were in the city. eating. holding hands. and popping into design stores to get inspired was what we did.

i love you, josh with all my heart and soul and cheers to this being the best year yet. 


  1. Happy Birthday Josh! Love you all!