Tuesday, April 5, 2011

vtwonen inspiration

some pretty spring styling by vtwonen magazine to get your juices flowing this tuesday morning.

i haven't dropped off the face of the earth, just took some time off from my love/hate relationship with the internet. adore all the creative people out there that give me such fabulous ideas and fill my brain with inspirational images, but sometimes i feel like it's a huge drain of time and energy. 

so here's some of the stuff our family has been up to the last 2 weeks:

-josh's parent's came into town so we tried some restaurants here in newport. we rarely go out to eat because it's not such a pleasurable experience with twin 2.5 year olds, but for some reason the girls behave better when the grandparents are here. a special drink with straws and a large dish of ice cream prolongs their patience and we were able to enjoy some good food and laughs. the mooring. the black pearl. scales and shells. brick alley pub. quito's in bristol. ri.

-checked out robin jenkins antique store in bristol, ri. my new favorite shop!

-visited the audubon environmental educational center in bristol, ri and took a hike in the wildlife refuge. 

-visited the buttonwood park zoo in new bedford, mass. where we saw 2 cows mating. fun times my friends!

-shopped at ikea and picked up some curtains, new rugs, and succulents. we had a smorgasbord at the cafeteria. after shopping for 1.5 hours i am always starving for meatballs.

-started some spring cleaning. bleached the slip covers, washed the windows, and streamlined the kitchen. 

-bought some new stripey, bright yellow pillows for the living room from milk and cookies canada on etsy. check them out here

-put up some bird feeders and it seems the only visitors we have are squirrels. 

- flew a kite at brenton point state park in newport.  

-went to a native american indian arts and crafts fair and mini-pow-wow. it moved me to tears and the girls loved the drumming the best.

hope you all are enjoying the first start to spring!!

images from vtwonen

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