Wednesday, June 1, 2011

north carolina museum of art

hope you all had a fabulous long weekend! we flew for the first time with rory and karoline to visit josh's brother's family in lynchburg, va. aside from a 20 year-old flight attendant who didn't have kids and who gave me unsolicited advice on what to feed my kids (i mean come on, really?!?), the trip was smooth. we wanted a direct flight and didn't want a layover for fear of a twin meltdown so we ended up flying into raleigh, north carolina and rented a car and then drove 3 hours to their house. the trip was a lot of fun because the girls could spend time with their 3 cousins and josh and i could catch up with his brother and sister-in-law over lots of glasses of wine and beer. we spent a few hours in raleigh before we drove north and i had done some research over at the design sponge city guide. the north carolina museum of art came highly recommended and it proved to be one of my all time favorite art museums. the museum had a huge addition put on in 2010 that houses the permanent collection, making more room for rotating exhibits. my favorite part was the sculpture gardens and the interactive art park. would love to go back and spend more time there.

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