Monday, October 24, 2011

travelogue: segovia.spain

we were only in segovia for a couple of hours early on a saturday morning. but, it was our first dose of spain and we loved every inch of it. the historic cathedrals and plazas teaming with people drinking their cappuccinos. and the fact that you could walk in the historic heart of the town and never have to cross a street with cars is awesome. the town revolves around the pedestrian instead of revolving around cars getting to and fro. i love it!


  1. Wanted to let you know that I found your blog through Joslyn's blogger favorites and I'm really enjoying it! I have insatiable wanderlust, so thank you for sharing such great photos of Spain... :)

  2. hi katie!
    thanks so much for checking out my little blog. really appreciate your kind words. hope you enjoy!

  3. Hi Molly!

    I also found you from your friend Joslyn. When I opened your page in my browser, I was immediately excited... I know Segovia. My husband lived there while studying abroad a few years ago and I later visited him for a short day trip. It is absolutely enchanting!! So glad you got to go. Loving the blog, btw. Thanks for sharing!

  4. hi hilary!
    how lucky your husband lived there! thanks so much for stopping by. i'm going to be posting more pics from our spain travels. i'm still daydreaming about their way of life in spain. take care! -molly