Friday, February 3, 2012

hello, there

sick. sick. sick. yucko. the four members of our little family have each experienced getting sick with various viruses and bugs the last two weeks. yes, croup, pink eye, sinus infection, and a stomach bug that i thought was going to be my demise. despite all the green tea and fruits and veggies we eat at this house it wasn't enough to fight all the cooties off. i can finally raise my head off of the pillow and look at a computer screen and say that i can't wait for february and all the healthy energy it is going to bring (it better or else i'm going to punch it in the face:) hope you all are doing well and i pray you stay healthy. 

hope to get back into the blogging routine now that we are all feeling better. and you can always check out my pinterest page for a little design eye candy if i'm absent on my blog.

hope you have a restful and fun weekend!

image from harvest textiles.

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