Monday, December 10, 2012

clark's christmas tree farm

we went for the third straight year to clark's christmas tree farm in tiverton, rhode island to get our christmas tree. the girls love running in and out of the trees and playing hide and go seek. and i love taking deep breaths in to inhale the embodiment of the holiday season. there is nothing better than that fresh evergreen smell. oh, and the guy that loaded our tree on our car looked like tim riggins from friday night lights. you know who i'm talking about, right ladies? i quickly stopped breathing in and making my loud inhale sounds like the dork that i am when i saw mr. tim standing there. josh was laughing at me the entire time because i was all flustered talking to him. i tried to play it calm, cool, and collected but after 11 years of marriage and 4 years of motherhood it didn't really work. it has reaffirmed the fact that i am still a wife. mother. and complete geek.

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