Tuesday, August 27, 2013

you know you are in the middle of a move when...

 1. PODS delivers the wrong POD. seriously. 

2. you drag your tongue across your teeth and it's the slimiest, pastiest thing you have ever felt.

3. your best friends are the guys that work at the transfer station.

4. your to do list contains 'do laundry' and it never gets crossed off.

5. you crave vodka in the a.m. and coffee in the p.m. 

6. a sit down meal at mcdonalds is a worthwhile option.

7. when the move-in cleaning lady slides the girl's playroom window off it's track and it falls two stories to it's demise. 

8. when a 3 a.m. thud is your daughter falling out of her new twin bed.

9. washer and dryer not included in the sale of the house-sad. 
washer and dryer are still in house for closing inspection-happy.
dryer squeaks like a mouse and the washer sounds like someone is having animal sex-sad.

10. the largest colony of daddy long legs decides to inhabit the house between the previous owners and new occupants.

11. you decide to order internet extreme instead of basic internet only to find out that streaming netflix is still buffering and freezing at the same rate as before.

12. you realize that your book collecting habit is a disease when you see the towers o' books on the floor.

13. there is no convenient electrical outlet by the kitchen counter top so you resort to plugging in the coffee grinder  and blender in an outlet on the kitchen floor.

14. when you actually consider getting rid of everything you own.

15. when you wonder what that awful smell is and realize it's coming from your own armpit region.

*these were written by my husband, josh tompkins, and i after a stressful day of moving:)

*** and the pictures above are of our new house is maine. the original part of the house was built in 1820 as you can see in the first picture. the rest of the pictures show the additions that have been made. it is zoned for commercial and residential so we have long term plans of opening up a business out of the cedar shingle siding portion. hope you want to follow our little adventure of updating and making cosmetic changes to the interior and exterior.


  1. i've totally been there! love seeing pictures of your house, and can't wait to see how you transform it. lovely.

  2. This made me laugh while feeling the craziness along with you (just glad I didn't have to actually experience it). And do we want to follow along with you on your old-new house adventures? Yes and YES! I am excited to see what becomes of this wonderful place in your very capable hands. And I already have plans to visit whatever business it is that you open -- just because I know it will be aesthetically amazing no matter what it is.

  3. I laughed out loud when I read the middle of moving list. Eventually everything finds a home and the books get put in a decent place.
    Yes, please allow is all to follow your renovation adventures. I love your beautiful house. Congratulations.
    Sending hugs from Texas.

  4. Oh man I hope we never move again. Ugh! But what a beautiful house! I'll look forward to seeing more of it, and your area in Maine. Really lovely.

  5. this totally cracked me up! if that is the new house i LOVE it and i am totally coming to visit one of these days. congrats and hang in there!!! xx - dana

  6. Molly - I came to your blog to see how things are going in Maine and so excited to see pictures of the house! Josh's post made me laugh! Can't wait to see how you make the house your own! xoxo Tiffany