Friday, September 13, 2013

the john stevens shop

so after putting all of our energy, physically and mentally into moving to maine. i have a little confession. i cannot stop thinking about newport (the town we moved from). i guess you can call it homesickness. as much as we are excited about starting our new lives here, there is a part of me that can't stop thinking about all of our friends that we made, the beaches, the girls preschool that we so loved, and the history there. i keep trying to push those feelings aside, but they keep resurfacing. 

so in tribute to newport, i thought i would share some pictures from the IYRS summer series, mastering the craft that we attended in june before the moving madness began. these pictures are from the john stevens shop in newport, ri. we were able to hear the owner, nick benson, a stone carver, calligrapher and 2010 macarthur fellow speak about his work. having an opportunity to see the open studio of a passionate, creative craftsman just inspires me so.


  1. you know when one relationship ends they say that it can take as long to get over it as you were in it? i don't know that I agree with that, but there is a natural period, for me anyway, where i miss something that ended and find myself re-anaylzing my decision and making sure it was the right choice. I often long for things even though the present moment is great and where I should be. Totally natural I think :)

    This studio looks amazing. I love touring places like this and don't enough. totally inspiring.

  2. Miss you all! Love your photos- I
    Lost your email, so if you still have mine, please keep in touch- would love an update! xo