Friday, March 7, 2014

around the house

what the pictures don't say: it has been one of those survival weeks. where the girls and i are sick and you just try to get by by putting forth the minimal amount of effort because you feel like your head is going to explode. 
-kleenex with aloe has been our friend. 
-watching lupita's accceptance speech was a lovely and beautiful thing. 
-farnsworth museum art camp for the girls during winter vacation in february brought out their creating, crafting and cleverness skills that i wish i could bring out of them everyday as a mama.
-i got my auction on. i have to stay away. oh, the prices and the rush of raising your number in the air to place a bid. and hearing the history of the piece and who it came from and how they used it. a much more romantic scenario than the ikea shelving units we have.
-a ladies weekend last weekend while the guys went ice fishing needs to be more of a quarterly event than biannual. so much fun.
- the stars in the winter sky were breathtaking on the st. george penninsula last weekend. the loudness and stress of the week is drowned out by the stillness and grace of our universe.
-i am going to go cuddle on the couch now with my girls and read books about spring and summer because it's hard for me to remember how is feels.
hope you all have a fabulous winter weekend!


  1. Such loveliness to get lost in. Your home is the perfect curation of beauty and art. Wish I could wander your home, flip through a few books, browse your collections. It's like summer here today, and everyday, gladly trade you for a bit of winter. ;) Enjoy the weekend!

  2. you always warm my heart-thank you, karina. dreaming of shorts and sandals in sunny san diego today.