Monday, November 29, 2010

thanksgiving in ohio

thanksgiving in ohio. stopped half way in syracuse, ny. farmer's market on saturday morning. the green buliding. the cheese man is still there! h+m has the best kids line at carousel mall. listening to npr funniest driveway moments on cd. the girls handled the car ride like champs. they have long road trip genes. mom + dad's house looks awesome. so warm and cozy. lake farm park. the dryland sled dog challenge. baby calf.  hunan by the falls. my favorite stores in chagrin falls are nola true, deborah nicholl interiors, and stash style. date night while the grandparents watch the girls. nighttown (where josh and i went on our first date), billy elliot at the state theater. josh's brother's family arrives with r+k's 3 cousins. peyton. drew. and olivia. the girls were in heaven. thanksgiving dinner at josh's parent's house. 28 people. homemade pilgrim hats. great dinner, but my heart belongs to the dessert table. pumpkin whoopie pies. chocolate torte. penitentiary glen reservation. charliey harper designed a poster for them. welshfield inn. lots of hugs and kisses. it was a whirlwind, but we always love going back to the midwest.

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