Wednesday, December 1, 2010

shanna murray christmas cards

happy 1st day of december! happy holidays! happy start to winter! happy christmas! happy egg nog! happy cookie baking! happy carol singing! happy christmas decorating! i just love december and everything that goes along with it. sometimes i have to take a step back from the craziness and chaos and realize it's the simple things that make this season bright. making treats for the neighbors and packaging them up in pretty packages, teaching the girls the real story of christmas, making plans with friends to get together for a meal with lots of laughing, and hot chocolate with whipped cream noses.

i love these christmas cards by shanna murray because they are so simple and sweet. to me, they almost reach out of the picture and say, take a deep breath and don't overdo it this christmas season. find joy in the little things, the preparation and savor the moment you are in!

find these lovely cards here.

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