Wednesday, July 6, 2011

life in a day

for all those local, newport FILM has a free summer outdoor screening series. this thursday, july 7th  newport FILM and  kirby perkins construction is bringing an advanced showing of a life in a day to queen anne square @ trinity church in newport,  rhode island at sundown. i can't decide if i should let the girls stay up past their bedtime and come with us or get a babysitter. either way josh and i are excited to check this film out. here is what  a life in a day is about straight from the newport FILM website:

 this ground-breaking film is the result of a worldwide “crowd-sourced” film project in which people from all around the world were asked to shoot footage on the same day - july 24, 2010. after an astonishing 80,000 slice-of-life clips were uploaded to youtube, producer ridley scott and oscar-winning director kevin macdonald edited it down to a exhilarating 90 minutes of film. What is most surprising is not the diversity or complexity of the footage, but the deep and resounding humanity of it. set for theatrical release one year later on july 24, 2011, newportfilm brings it to you early.

if you watch the trailer here you'll see the sky lanterns that i previously blogged about here. see all the free films newport FILM is offering  this summer here.

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