Monday, September 19, 2011

blue mountain lake, ny

we went on our annual trip to the adirondacks this past weekend. it's beautiful up there. i mean the kind of beautiful where your eyes scan the horizon and you try to take in every mountain, every island in all of it's breathtaking allurement in hopes that your brain will remember this pristine landscape so you have a happy place to picture when you get home. we met josh's parents, chris and gay (family friends from ohio), my parents, and my bro and his fiance (briana) at the hedges. it's a historic camp set right on the shore of blue mountain lake. we met for breakfast and dinner in the dining hall. went to the antique show at indian lake. celebrated rory and karoline's birthday (more pics to come). watched beautiful sunsets. rode bikes. josh and i kayaked across the lake, docked our boats, and hiked up to castle rock and then kayaked back in time for drinks. saw and heard loons. sat by the fire pit and roasted marshmallows. i miss it already.


  1. Absolutely adore the ADKs and your pictures ! Also regarding the picture of you on the bike...LOVE that cape !! where can i get it or is it vintage ?

  2. hi caroline!
    so glad you like the ADK's too! there's no place like it. yes, it's vintage. my sweet mother-in-law spotted it at the indian lake antique show that same day. it's made from a hudson bay blanket by mrs. h. winter- yesterday's news. cheers! -molly