Thursday, September 8, 2011

k+r are 3!

k+r turned 3 on tuesday!  for breakfast josh made them whole wheat pancakes and i cut letters out  with these cookie cutters from muji. and we had a little party that night with pizza, balloons, ice cream cake, and presents. they were crazy about the balloons that i ordered here . got the idea from party planner + creative genius, jordan ferney right here.  it's 2 days after we had the balloons blown up at the grocery store and they are still holding tight to the strings and they are still filled with helium and floating on the ceiling. we're planning on having a bigger celebration in the adirondacks where all of our families are gathering soon. the very hungry caterpillar is the theme. the eric carle museum is a great resource for party supplies. so more pics to come from that.

happy birthday birdy and kiki! you light up my life everyday!


  1. my babygirl is also 3! This is amazing age - don't you think? Aren't they smarter than us sometimes? :)


  2. Love the pictures... they look so grown up!

  3. apple tea:oh lord, i know. my 3 year olds have surpassed my intellect. pretty sad, but they correct me and they are usually right.

    and hi, vicky! hope you are having a good start to the school year! miss you and josh!