Thursday, March 15, 2012

shades of green

we are getting excited about saint patrick's day in our house. the kind of excited where i bribe the girls with the fact that we are going to the annual newport st. patrick's day parade. if they don't wash their hands from the strawberry smoothie mess that is on their hands, face and feet in karoline's case. or if they don't stop coloring their legs, stomachs and lips with magic marker,  i say "we will not be going to the parade". help me out moms. is this normal? i feel like it's my only way to reason with twin three-year-olds. 

anyway, we are definitely going to the parade no matter how they behave (but don't tell them that). i'm all about the threats but no follow through. jo frost would be so upset with me. there is nothing that is going to stop me from missing this 2 hour parade filled with 7 pipe bands, 9 marching bands, 4 fife & drum corps, 3 clown units, and 8 reenactment units. if i am reincarnated i want to come back as one of michael flatley's lord of the dance dancers. so if you see a crazy lady with thrift store green pants on (that she bought to wear to the parade)doing the irish jig on the sidelines, just wave and give her a shot from your flask. she's a stay at home mom that doesn't get out much and gets a thrill from bagpipe music.

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