Monday, October 15, 2012

periodical love

since we did away with cable over a year ago, receiving magazines and movies in the mail is a real thrill for me. these are some of the latest ones i have been reading. and you should really click here to buy D Moms. the editor is joslyn taylor of simple lovely. she did such a fabulous job with the first issue. you don't have to live in dallas, texas to appreciate her thoughtful, and enriching articles about nourishing your soul as a mother. it is in fact one of the first magazines where i wanted to read EVERY article. inspiring parties, clothing, stories about creative moms, books to read, music to groove with your kids, and healthy recipes. she really rocked it! 

what are your favorite magazines?


  1. I'm glad to hear D Moms is fabulous even for moms not in Texas. I've been meaning to subscribe to Whole Living for a while now. My favorites are Atomic Ranch, Sunset and Bon Appetit. I save those- the rest I subscribe to are read and donated pretty quickly.

    1. thanks for stopping by and i wish i could donate and weed through my magazines quickly like you. i seem to hoard them and there are piles everywhere. have a great weekend!

  2. molly!!! seeing D moms on your coffee table made my entire month.
    thank you for this friend!!