Thursday, May 23, 2013

book love

as cable television exited from our lives two years ago, i have given birth to a new infatuation. old books. more specifically the cheap ones. like $5 and under. 

this is similar to my recent extinguishing of sweet treats in our house during lent. from the ice cream, cookie and cupcake repression a new favorite has arisen. dates.  it's what i reach for in the mid-afternoon stress and slump.

have you gotten rid of any bad habits that have given rise to a completely new desire?

images of the abstract expressionism book i picked up at the newport library friends bookstore.


  1. lovely book! i love library friends bookstores...they have the BEST books.

  2. i get such a rush in there because you never know what fabulous book are are going to find!

  3. i too love looking for used books. Sadly, so many of our used bookshops have closed. But the swap meet has a lot of great ones, as does the Salvation Army bookshop. Love the last shot. That blue painting is awesome. I may look to it for some inspiration :)