Thursday, May 2, 2013

i like

1. lichens on a rock from a sunday family hiking trip at john chafee nature preserve. photo by joshua tompkins.

2. bookshelves with lovely placement of objects above and below. image from the blog, montmarte via joslyn taylor's pin.

3. such intricate and mind blowing work from matthew picton's paper sculpture gallery.

4. i need to create an inspiration/mood wall like le dans la has created. found on remodelista.

5. the most soulful and thoughtful person,  karina bania from curate the day led me to the hernaez sticotti house and i am have fallen hard for the interior and exterior of this architect and graphic designer's abode. photo by ana armendariz.


  1. Molly, you are so kind, seriously. That house, I know I love it. And doesn't their story behind it make you love it even more. Sometimes when you look at a house like that you assume that the people have a lot of money and can build a dream house like that easily. Now he is an architect, so that helps, but they didn't have money. They dreamed it and then worked for it and then built it. It's so inspiring.

    I love the other links you've shared here too. So many good ones. The paper sculptures are amazing and that mood-wall would calm my mood daily. Love. xxx

  2. hi karina- such a awesome story to see that couple's dream come to fruition.