Tuesday, June 18, 2013

soaking up summer

we have one more week with the girls in newport, rhode island before we move to maine so i'm lathering on the spf when they get up and we are getting out to explore. cramming an entire summer into one week. they are planners just like their mother. so when they get up in the morning they want a laundry list of what the plans are for the day. nothing like four-year-olds keeping you in check.

these pictures were from our first trip this season to second beach on saturday night when the sun was low on the horizon and energy was high.


  1. You have a beautiful family Molly.
    Enjoy your last week in Rhode Island. Good luck with your move.
    What a lovely time to start in a new/familiar place.

  2. thanks so much, mary beth. packing is not my favorite, but knowing we are moving to maine is keeping me motivated. i appreciate your kind words and support:)

  3. Excited to hear about your new adventures in Maine!! Moving is stressful but worth it! Talk soon! Dana