Friday, June 14, 2013

we are moving

to maine (the portland, maine area)! my heart is fluttering while i write this because there has been so much emotion behind this move. ever since i made a trip to this state in 2006 i have been enamored with it's realness and dreamt about raising a family there. you all know i'm a visual person so the design aesthetic of maine is something that captured me and has not let me go. 

in 2007 josh and i planned a trip together before the girls were born and he felt the same way. for a landscape architect it is the ultimate. we tried to make the move three years ago and it just didn't work out for us. so after lots of scheming, planning and dreaming we are so excited that it is coming to fruition.

we are excited and feel a rush of adrenaline because it is sort of scary at the same time. to leave the safe and familiar. but we are being true to ourselves and we know deep down in our hearts that this is the right decision for our family and now is the time to do it. 

phew. that feels good. do you know how hard it has been not being able to tell you all. so it's going to be a little nutty around here until we get our bearings. i'll be dancing the jig and sticking broccoli where my incisors are to keep things light.

hope you have a wonderful father's day weekend.


  1. Wow - exciting news! As a fellow New Englander, I too adore Maine. We try to get there at least once a year and will be headed north in just a couple weeks. Good luck with your move, the new jobs, the transitions, but most of all have fun and congratulations!

  2. thanks so much, mary. hope you have a fun trip this summer!

  3. such an exciting time for you! I would be nervous too, but it sounds like you're making a dream come true for your amazing! you will probably look back on this time in your life very fondly.

  4. Such exciting news!!!! This is big and brave and life changing. Congratulations. Can't wait to watch the journey for you and your family. xoxoxo

  5. thank you so much for the positive words, emily and karina! it warms my heart!

  6. Ah Molly, we all should have been able to guess that you and your family were Maine bound. It makes sense. I looked at your previous posts and Maine featured in the bulk of your writing and photos. Congratulations on making the transition emotionally... and your parents are there too, right? Will you move near them?
    Saying a solid Woohoo from Texas, you are heading where you belong.