Thursday, July 1, 2010

around the house

my mom found this cute mesh purse to collect seashells in. it keeps the sand out and the treasures in. the lobster bag was designed by the artist, yuko adachi, who has a dear store filled with beautiful artwork, cards, and graphic designed mugs, bags, and organic t-shirts in rockport, ma on bearskin neck. you should check out her things. she is so sweet!

scored all these letterpressed cards at a rummage sale in rockport. the owner of a card shop needed to get rid of her old cards to make room for the latest series. i was pinching myself about the price of 3 for $1. i couldn't believe it because letter pressed cards are usually $5+ each. felt like the best dream ever.

was given this vintage postcard holder as a christmas gift. it's so much fun decorating a new home. josh and i filled it with some of our favorite photos over the years.

finished updating my recipe notebook. it's been a work in progress. love looking at it before i head to the grocery store so i can find recipes to use with what i have in the frig. or freezer and then get the few fixings to supplement it.

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