Monday, July 12, 2010

house tour

had to stop in home depot this weekend to get some more box fans because it feels like we have been living on the equator the past week. called ahead to make sure they had them and they said they had 52. when i arrived an hour later no one could find them. lovely. the only positive thing about the trip into home depot was i stopped by their magazine section and discovered the june/july issue of readymade magazine. absolutely loved the article about morne and kerryn fischer's home in south africa. the laid back vibe of their house is one i want to emulate. i dig the grey walls, the exposed kitchen shelving, the leather poufs in the living room, the fish photo on the dining room wall, the tepee, and the heart made out of twigs and driftwood. very cool styling. left with no box fans, but one inspiring magazine.

all images by russell smith for readymade magazine.

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