Wednesday, January 18, 2012

harvard museum of natural history

 i like science. there. i admitted it. i like bright orange lipstick, mascara, and design yet i like listening to science friday on npr with ira flatow. reading about a new tuberculosis strain that thwarts all antibiotics totally gets me going. i'm weird i know it. i thing it stems from the fact that my mother is really passionate about interior design and my dad started out as a high school biology teacher and then went into occupational health. i'm totally a product of my parent's genetic code. 

anyway, i could spend hours in any natural history museum (ross geller was by far my favorite character on friends). we have been to a lot of them depending on the city we are in. on january 2nd we were in the boston area so we decided to head to the harvard museum of natural history. when we lived in belmont, mass. and the girls were babes we would head there quite often to check out the animals. above are some of the pics from our trip. if you are ever in the harvard square area in cambridge, mass. you should definitely check it out.

oh, and it took a lot of restraint to walk by the cafe area with all the bertoia chairs and not pick one up and put it in our minivan. i don't think harvard would have missed one bertoia chair. do you??

what's your favorite museum to head to with kids?

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  1. Don't be ashamed. Art and science is a natural thing... Leonardo was an innovative scientist and yet brought us the Mona Lisa. Just saying.
    My mother, an artist and my dad an Mathematician/scientist had eight analytical artist-designers-architect-clothing designer children.
    My very favorite class in high school was AP Biology and yet I got my degree in painting. Go figure. There are more people out there like you than you think.
    Love the Museum at Harvard. I used to live in Harvard Square and then near Brattle street and Fresh Pond Parkway. Missssss that town.
    mb from big d