Thursday, January 12, 2012

moma museum store

hand screen printed heart poster with a space to write your own message. $9.99
book titled, matisse: radical invention 1913-1917. $22.50
bisque drip tumblers by kimikazu ito. $16.95

ocean views box of 50 postcards. $2.99
come in a little closer. i have to let you in on a little secret. you have to promise not to tell anyone else because i don't want this secret to be spread like wildfire. let's just keep it between you and me. okay, here it is. you know the museum of modern art (moma)  in new york city? well, they have an online museum shop. and in that online museum shop there is a section that has all sale items. yes,  classic modern and cutting edge design products for adults and kids. on sale. i am a sucker for design and sales. so this little secret lights me up with excitement. i actually found many of the christmas gifts i gave to friends and family from the moma store.

above are some of my favorite items that are on sale from the moma museum store.

hope you find some fabulous finds and enjoy!

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