Monday, September 17, 2012

still life


hello all! hope you are enjoying the routine and structure that school brings and loving the transition into fall. it's my favorite time of year. it's been a little nutso the last two weeks. we have traveled to ohio for a 100th birthday celebration, celebrated the girls birthday the same day they started their four-year-old preschool class, started swim lessons and creative movement classes, and traveled to blue mountain lake in the adirondack mountains this past weekend. as much as i love to travel, i am so ready to have zero plans on the weekend. to slow down and nest. read magazines. go apple picking. hike in the woods with no humidity. stuff my face with slow cooked goodness. and take a pottery class.

here are some still life pictures that i took from a quick trip to ohio of my parent's home in chagrin falls, ohio.

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  1. I pinned many of these images.(and several have been repinned) You are a talented photographer. Creative person.